Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loving Summer!!!

The summer season here at the lake has been filled with people coming and going.
The past weekend was no exception.
Two of the girls, and their families, came up to stay(Kelly, and Erin). My nephew Jeff, from Chicago, brought his family up for the weekend also.
Zoey, and Sadie(Erin and Tony's girls) had spent the week with us, so they were already here when people started to arrive.
Fishing, tubing, swimming, floating down the canal on tubes, playing in the sand, and riding the golf cart kept everyone busy...and eating...eating was always going on!!

 However......The weekend is over.
Everyone went home.
The place is quiet once again.
The breeze is blowing in a cool summer rain.

As I stand over the kitchen sink, and look out the window, I miss seeing the kids running by.

No more hectic meal times.

The sound of laughter has subsided.
Today I hear the rain on the roof, and the wind in the trees.

No more slamming doors, and little feet running across the wood floors.

No need to sweep sand off the floors today.
The beach towels are all folded, and put away.

The peace, and quiet is bittersweet.
The house seems bigger when I'm here alone.
(The Mr. is at work).
I like it better when there are people here....sharing this space with me.
I am grateful for quiet times....but LOVE those moments when the house is full of laughter, and people that I love.  
The time between visits helps me appreciate it more when loved ones come up to visit, I guess.
I'm sure I can find something to do around here...like wallpaper those steps!!
I sincerely hope that you are enjoying the summer as much as I am.
God Bless You!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun at the lake.

It's been a busy summer here at the lake this year.
This week we have two more grandchildren staying with us.
This is Sadie, and Zoey.
Sadie is four, and Zoey just turned eight.

We just returned from the groomer with Bella, and wanted a picture before Bosco(Bella's brother) tore her ribbon out of Bella's hair.
I think we'll be busy this afternoon making Hollyhock dolls.
It won't be long, and the flowers will be finished blooming.
Summer is slipping away.

I thought I would add one of the dolls that we made.
This one was put together by Zoey.
If you look close...you can even see she has bangs under her hat.
You can get really creative with these dolls.
When making these with the girls, we leave them pretty simple...yet sweet.
I hope your summer has been as joyful as mine has been so far.
There is plenty of fun yet to come! Get outside, and enjoy the season!
God bless you!