Thursday, May 29, 2014

Early Morning Bliss.

I woke up to the songs of Robins.
The sun wasn't quite up yet, so I lay in bed just listening.
Eventually other birds joined in....the Finches made the melody even more beautiful.

As the light from the sun spread across the sky like high tide coming in from the sea, I could hear the soft cooing of the Morning Doves.
It sounded like a train, in the distance, on a late summer's night.
The gentle song of the doves usually lulls me back to sleep for a little while longer.

This morning was one of those that you just wanted to stay awake, and bask in the glory of God's creation.

Even though there are troubles in our lives....He still gives us the peace that transcends all understanding....even if just for a moment in time as this morning.

My ears were filled with the songs of birds singing.
My eyes witnessed the sun breaking forth through the morning sky.
My sense of smell was filled with the fragrance of Lily of the Valley, resting on my bedside table.
My soul....the mind, will, and emotions....was filled with peace, and a moment of Joy.
Sometimes we go searching for happiness, when it's right there waiting for us, before our feet even hit the floor!!!
Have a Blessed Day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Springtime changes.

I couldn't wait for the warm months of Spring to get here.
It seems Winter hung on for so long here in northern, lower Michigan.
Staying patient through the months of snow, and ice tested me by the time May arrived.
I kept myself busy with projects indoors.
Now that Spring has finally arrived, I have already witnessed Easter, Mother's Day, two functions at school with Charlotte, and Anson, and now realize that Charlotte has graduated from pre-school.

There have been dance recitals, state finals for gymnastics, soccer tournaments, track meets, and summer ball.
Time is already flying by, and it all just started!!!
If anyone knows of a way to slow things down, would you let me know?
I find it bittersweet to see my grandchildren growing up so quickly.
You try to hold each moment, and cherish it, and lock it in your heart as a memory as best you can....but if you are like find yourself wondering how things all happened so fast?!
I guess the important thing is to always tell everyone how much you love them, and how important they are to you.
The shutters, and doors were changed from tan, to blue this Spring.
I carried the blue from the inside, to the outside of the house.
The color is a different shade of blue for outside. It really makes the flowers pop this year.

For some reason, I went with more reds instead of my usual pinks????
I guess it was time for a change all the way around.

The outside of the sun room needs just a bit more touch up work done today. The tan color was painted white on that room....inside, and out.
After that's finished, it's time for the gardening projects. Quite a few pots need filling, and lots of weeds need pulling.
Have a joyful day!!


Friday, May 16, 2014

A vintage quilt.

Good Friday morning.
It's still cold here in northern, lower Michigan.
I had to pull the window boxes in the garage last night, because of the cold temps.
As some of you know, I collect linens, doilies, and buttons.
A friend makes gorgeous quilts, and pillows. I've asked her to make several custom quilts for my home.
Recently I asked Kim to put together a vintage quilt using doilies, and white buttons to match two pillows that she previously had made.

I put the quilt and pillows on the bed this morning.
It's just perfect!!

Kim is a perfectionist.
Her projects are all done with care, and every seem, and corner line up to a T.
She has a certain style that is unmistakable.

I love all of the vintage pieces that were used to put this quilt together.
It marries so well with the bed frame.

I want to thank this special lady for all of the time that it took to make this quilt for me.
I LOVE it, Kim!
It's beautiful!
AND exactly what I wanted.
You are amazing!
I hope the weather improves here in Michigan, so I can put the window boxes back out.
Have a great weekend everyone, where ever you are!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A joyfilled Mother's Day Weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!
What a weekend it's been for me!
It started Friday morning with a tea, at the day care, with Charlotte (second from the right). We were dressed up, and had  cupcakes, received a handmade necklace, and even wore a crown!
It was a delight.

Later in the day, Kelly's family took me to my favorite restaurant for Italian food.
The two cousins below sat next to each other, and it was like sitting at a sideshow at the circus.
Between Charlotte, and Anson acting like two little clowns, and Anson and his older brother sitting across the table waging war against each other...I enjoyed dinner, AND a show!
I truly LOVE going out to eat with all of these little people.  Everything they do makes me laugh.
My poor daughter, Kelly, never seems to find any of it funny....I don't get it????
She seems so tense.
After dinner, we watched Ethan play soccer.
Then it was time to relax at Kelly, and Dan's house for the rest of the evening.
Sitting with Dan, Kelly, and Ethan that night was very special to me.
Just being able to spend some quiet time with them, with no interruptions, will be a forever memory.

Don't let the above photo fool you......look closer....there is trouble lurking behind those innocent looking faces.

Saturday morning I spent the day with Erin, Tony, Zoey, and Sadie.
They not only gave me one of my newest favorite bottles of wine, and the cutest of all wine glasses to drink it out of.....they took me out for lunch.
I LOVE Red Robin's blue cheese burger!!
So that is where we went for lunch.
We spent the afternoon together....just hangin' out.
The most fun was waiting in the car with Tony while Erin and the girls ran in the dollar store for a few minutes.  Tony is a super funny guy. He made me laugh about jobs that involve working with the public, and experiences dealing with customers.
Another fun memory....laughing with Tony.
Going to the post office to mail a letter was fun, too.
We all sat in the car watching Tony lick a peal off stamp, and try to attach it to the letter as the wind took the stamp up in the air, and Tony ended up chasing it through the parking lot!  Oh my.....

After the "tea" on Friday, I received this lovely set from my daughter Melissa.
She's been collecting the pieces for me ever since I saw it at Home Goods while shopping with her one day.  I think it's so pretty, and appropriate for the day.
It's simple, and white.....but a treasure to me.

Here's that beautiful crown I got to wear at the "tea" with Charlotte.
She decorated it herself!
If you look to the left, you can see the wonderful necklace that she also made for me.
Such a special morning.

When I returned home last night, these were waiting for me.
Kelly sent them.  How thoughtful was that??!!
Needless to say, my weekend has been joyful.
Filled with moments of laughter, and love.
I hope that my girls will be pampered today.
I hope that their children will shower them with cards, and little gifts given with love.
I hope they feel as loved by their babes, as I feel by mine.
Happy Mother's Day!
BTW....The Mister got all the flowers to fill the window boxes for my mom's day is good.~~~~~xo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The sun room is finally painted!! AND Introducing Andrea!

THIS is the sun room.
The room that I've been painting for the past few weeks.
Yes, few weeks.
The weather kept changing from warm to cold. I could paint one day, then it would be a few days until I was able to paint again....ugh.
Plus, the room was an "add on", so one of the walls was vinyl siding.  Painting the grooves on siding is a royal pain in the buttocks. I got that word from Forrest Gump.

It's soooo much brighter in here since painting the walls white.
Once it stays warm in the evenings, I plan to add more plants in here.

I spend most of the summer out here.
I can watch the boats go by in the evenings without losing a pint of blood to the mosquitoes.
I even like sleeping in this room.

The best's my sanctuary.
I can come out here, and fellowship with the Lover of my soul.
Do you have a special place where you can go for prayer, peace, and quiet time?

I'd like to share another blog with you.
It's called The Rosses.
The author is Andrea.
She's a young mom of four children.
You can find her at  Click on Andrea Ross on my side bar under Blogs to Follow.
I know Andrea's mom, Lisa. We all attended the same church for years, down-state.
Lisa said of Andrea's last post, "If Andrea wasn't already my daughter, I'd adopt her. She's my favorite blogger because she writes from her heart what other's think, but are sometimes afraid to give voice to".
I would love for Andrea to connect with other young mom's in the blogging community. If you are aware of other bloggers out there that you could direct her would really be appreciated. 
Andrea is a gifted writer, and a loving mother, who loves the Lord.  She has many talents to share with others in the blogging community.
Please stop by her blog, and say hello to Andrea.
Thank you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Memories on a Rainy Saturday Morning.

Happy Saturday everyone.
It's been a morning of steady rain here.
One of those lazy mornings that you tend to stay in bed a little longer.
A morning that you put off getting dressed until it's almost noon.
A time of reflection, devotion, and memories.

The Mister and I had a "date night", last night.
We got out of our normal blue jean attire, and put on our "Sunday best".
We had dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. (We live in a resort town, but we actually have a very nice restaurant for dining, when you don't want the usual resort kind of fare).
The atmosphere, and the menu was a pleasant change of venue.

When I woke up this morning, I started to think about how far the Mister, and I have come on our life's journey together.
The changes that have taken place.
The situations that have come, and gone.
The disagreements....soooooo many disagreements.
The obstacles that get in the way.
Pride that needed to be swallowed.
Learning to pick your battles.
Wondering "if it was all worth it".

And remembering......him laying on the cold tile floor next to the hospital bed after the brain tumor surgery.....all night.
How hard he squeezed my hand when the words uterine cancer came out of the doctors' mouth as we sat in the doctors office that awful day.
The day I walked into the garage, and found him crying over a situation concerning one of our daughters. 
The times he reaches over in the night, gently lays his hand on my head, and prays for me.

As the rain was pouring down on the roof overhead this morning, and I lay in bed for longer than usual, I thought about the Mister.  I thought about the many times I felt like polishing his Harley with black shoe polish.  I also thought about the times that he's been my Knight in Shining Armour. 
It's true what they say, you know.......the good, far out-weighs the bad.
I just hope the Mister remembers that when he lays in bed some rainy morning thinking about me!!