Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation week.

It's vacation week for the Mr. and me.
We started out with a bike trip with my pretty sister Chris, her husband Kevin, and his brother Keith.
We started out at the Harley shop in Gaylord.
As we walked into the showroom, a beautiful bike was on display.
Kevin walked up to the bike, and sat on it.....SOLD!!!
An hour later, they were driving it up the road for the rest of our trip!
We drove through the Tunnel of Trees along the Lake Michigan shoreline, which was breathtaking!
Had lunch at Cross Village, then ended up in Mackinaw City for the night.
It was a fun trip with great people!!!

After returning home, we unpacked our gear.
Jim's brother and sister in law stopped in for the afternoon on their way up north for their vacation destination.
The next morning we packed the truck with the camping gear (tent) for the drive to Shipshawana, Indiana. We were going to the flea market!!
The first thing on my list was this vintage drainer to display some pretty dishes in.

I was also hunting for white shell buttons.
I found these for the pillows, and lavender sachets that I make.

While there, I try to pick up a couple of iron brackets.

I found more furniture, and pieces for an outdoor fairy garden.
I added these to the little water feature we have.

I love the bridge!
The grandkids are going to enjoy this, with the little waterfall.

This mailbox is heavy!
It's iron. The scroll work is really beautiful!
Can't wait to hang it on the porch.
We also picked up the usual Yoder's chicken stock for soups, and gravy. Also the Yoder's popcorn salt.
The market isn't like it used to be with vendors that sell antiques, and craft items. The place is filled with t-shirts, and sunglasses, and tons of imports. It's very disappointing from years past.
We did have a good time, however. The weather was sunny, and very hot.
My niece that has cancer will be coming up with her two little ones this weekend. So our vacation week isn't over yet!
We still have a lot going on this summer. More company coming up to stay with us to enjoy the lake!
Life is good!


  1. Yes, I took my daughter and mother there last year to the flea market and it was extremely disappointing. But found some little shops instead that carried what we "used" to find back than. Love the fairy garden and planning on one for my grandbabies too. And I must say, you are one sexy mama in black leather Harley babe :D Chris just told me last week that we are going to plan a trip to come see you for a weekend this fall! I'm holding him to it. <3 ya

  2. Wow - nice bike and an impromptu road trip. How awesome.

    My cousin is on her way to Sturgis. Are you going??

    Love your beautiful sachets. Do you use lavender from your own garden?

  3. Well Debbie, that is an interesting trip. I know you had a fun time. Love the pillows. The fairy garden things are adorable. Hope you have fun with your niece, hug her for me. You are brave girls. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  4. Love your flea market finds. I have the same metal bridge for my fairy garden but painted it red.
    Speaking of which, don't think I've seen a red Harley before - wow, very nice.
    I like your lavender sachets, they're adorable.
    Enjoy the rest of your week's vacation.

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying your vacation, Debbie! Your fairy garden and water feature are just adorable!! And your sachets are so pretty, too! How is your niece doing? I hope she's ok. Enjoy the rest of your well deserved break:)

  6. has been 10 years since I've been to Mackinaw City...went there for our 25th anniversary. We will have our 35th anniversary this year and have been trying to figure out where to go for a long weekend. It has been even longer since we've been to Shipshawana, Indiana. We only live a few hours from there, but had heard from family and friends that it was like it used to we never went back.
    Love your beautiful dishes!! Love those little pillows too!!

  7. Good Morning. I loved the mailbox and the idea for displaying your dishes was so smart. I have seen that before, but I never really thought about it. It has been getting harder to find treasures without spending an arm and a leg for them! And what fun to find more items for the Fairy garden. And the pictures of the bikes are nice too!!
    Blessings to you my friend, I spent a weekend on Lake Michigan this summer!
    Love, Roxy

  8. Debbie...You're a biker girl!! Ha! Everyone in my hometown rode bikes and I think every one of my boyfriends had one!! I miss that "wind in my hair" feeling! I'm happy you had a great trip and love the pic!

    We go to Shipsie (as we all around here call it) at least every summer. The hubby like to get his boat rope there cheap. Yes, the flea market has gotten bad but I really love the downtown area. It has a lot of shops with Amish made items. Shipsie is actually about 30 minutes from our lakehouse. You found some great things. I really love the mailbox.

    So glad you are having a great summer...and more family visiting, that's the best. I noticed in your comments someone mentioning Sturgis. Is there an event or flea market there? That is near us as well.

    Jane xx

  9. Hi Debbie,
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer and that bike is gorgeous. I have one of those old heavy mailboxes hanging in my living room with flowers in it. Love them. Yours is gorgeous great find.

  10. Looks like a biker gang! Your sister looks so much like you! Sweet. Glad you got to flea market and found what you were looking for! Have fun with all your company and your time off. Steve is taking next week and we are staying home...resting up for harvest.

  11. Great finds Debbie!! Love the biker pic and your sister looks like you and so pretty.
    When we lived in Indiana we went to Shipshawana and back then it was all hand created and antiques. It's sad how so many of the great flea markets are becoming more market then handmade.
    Love your pretty dishes and the display. The sachets are so pretty and your fairy garden is adorable. Looks like you are enjoying a wonderful summer.

    Blessings for a great weekend and prayers for your niece. Enjoy the visit!!

  12. Great little summer trip! I rode many miles on the back of a bike in the 70s. It's such a wonderful way to travel.
    Love all your new finds, Debbie. Enjoy your summertime company!

  13. Sounds like your vacation has been going well! Love the cute little sachets you made.

  14. I'm so happy to read that you have been enjoying your vacation Debbie. The bike ride must have been beautiful. I loved seeing the photo of everyone. I didn't know you were a biker chick :)))))
    I love your darling faerie garden. It is magical! How nice to have another garden to tend :))

    You found some real treasures at the market. I love your gorgeous sachets. I love making these too, but the real fun is finding the vintage things to make them with, isn't it?
    It was so fun to stop by and see how busy you have been and that you have been making the most of your summer.
    Thank you for always leaving such dear words at my place. You have no idea how much they mean.
    hugs from here...


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