Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seashells and Lavender will be closed.

With the change of seasons, I've decided to make a big change in my life.
I'm closing up shop.
I've had my own business since 1994.
I started out with a dried flower business....growing my own flowers, drying them, and using them in arrangements.

I slowly built up clientele, and eventually businesses took notice.
After we moved to Houghton Lake I opened the store, "Country Gatherings".

The shop did well for a few years, but when the economy took a nose dive, so did my business.
I closed the shop, and ended up renting space in a larger shop down the road.
The owner recently decided to sell her place.
It's time for me to put my days of being in business to rest.

At the end of the month....Seashells and Lavender will be "closed".
The business, as well as the blog.
I will be going back to running the "Lakehouse" blog.
I'm hoping the new followers from Seashells and Lavender will follow me back to Lakehouse.
It's been a little confusing trying to get this blog going. I lost my blog roll, and the blogs I had been following for the past few years. I would have to go back and forth between blogs to keep up with my old friends.  I sincerely hope you understand why I'm doing this.
I learned some good lessons from doing both blogs, and made some great new friendships through Seashells and Lavender that I hope will continue over at Lakehouse.
I plan to continue with my posts the way they have been.....God, family, life, home.
Please don't give up on me.  
I'm just moving back to where I started.


  1. Good Luck Debbie. Life is ever changing and especially in blog land. Change is good and I will follow you on house at the lake blog. Good luck.

  2. Debbie! I changed my blog url a couple of times last year... so I understand the whole "change" thing. I will definitely follow you to the lakehouse!

  3. Good luck Debbie!!! I will continue to follow you as I have been :-)
    I am in Traverse City right now so if you ever make it here look me up!!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  4. Hello, I have found your blog and will continue to be your blogging friend and supporter in all you set your hand too!
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. I'll follow you anywhere Debbie - I don't care where you blog from - just blog!! xo

  6. I will be there...couldn't live without you. Sad and sweet when calling it quits on something you have done for so long. But you are only a booth rent away from opening up again if you choose to. Hugs, as you clean out your space.

  7. I will still be following you. I've been thinking about to stop doing shows...this is my 29th year of doing shows and I've been feeling like it might be time to let them go. I have 2 more shows and will then make the decision.

  8. I will absolutely continue following you Debbie! Your beautiful home is too gorgeous to pass up and your sweet spirit is always a joy:)

  9. Here, there or wherever you blog, Debbie, I'm a follower and friend. I understand both the blogging "confusion" and the closing down shop thing. I've gone through both. You have a sweet heart and a lovely way of writing. I look forward to whatever you share. Hugs, Nancy

  10. Hi Debbie, Congrats on your upcoming changes. Life is all about making changes along the way and sometime it is for the best. I have been so happy to have met you while sharing this blog and certainly will continue to follow with the other.
    I know too well about taking new steps in better directions and have done this when I closed my shops in brick and mortar to having one shop on line. It was so freeing and all for the
    best. I look forward to all you have to share and keeping in touch.

    Thank you also for always stopping by and your kind comments. Your visits are a blessing to me.
    Big HUGS

  11. OK, Debbie...I'd follow you anywhere :) See you at the lakehouse.

  12. Debbie...I know in your heart you are sure about what you are doing. I hope you see your business venture as a leap of faith and something you learned from. Please let me know when you go back to Lakehouse...I will mention it on my blog...maybe you can get back some old followers and new as well.

    Much love,

    Jane xx

  13. You've been a busy gal over the years and one does what they have to do. I'll look for you back at Lakehouse.

  14. Hi Debbie, I know for sure how confusing may be to post on two blogs, one tries to keep them different but it´s not easy because we are the same persons, our feelings and thoughts and wishes and dreams are always the same and in the end there has no sense to multiply our writing work... So of course I´ll keep on following you at the Lakehouse (I never stopped doing it actually) and wish you the best of the best in any path you choose when your shop will be definitely closed!
    Send you warmest hugs and blessings from Uruguay.

  15. Best wishes in your retirement, may well enjoy it! I am your newest follower on Lakehouse!

  16. Hi Debbie, sometimes one has to step away from what's close to them to see what's in store for them? I see you reinventing your blog and in abeling yourself to create again at home on your time and perhaps an etsy site that is under your control and know one else's. I went through the same crisis when the economy hit Southern Ca. And on the desert it was really felt. It left me in need to reinvent my life path and figure out what would work best for me, until we all here could see any changes take place that would increase business again.... An etsy was another avenue to tKe when your still wanting to share what you create.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me, leaving a comment that lifted my Sunday, getting me ready for the week to follow.

    See you soon.


  17. Came by for another quick look at the mantel I love that lace draped across the face of it, all so rustically romancing your home.


  18. I will never give up on you, Debbie! I look forward to visiting you back at the Lakehouse when you are up and running. I feel bad that you will be closing your shop, maybe some day if you feel lead to, another door will open for you:)
    Big hugs!

  19. Well I'm sorry to hear that you're closing your shop. I didn't realize that you've been in business for so long though. Everyone needs a change every now and then. I will gladly follow you on your other blog!

  20. May your new Journey take you to Destinations you Dream of. It's always somewhat bittersweet to close Chapters of our lives though. Right now I'm wrestling on what to do with my little ventures at an Antique Mall... lots of decisions... no firm or easy answers of yet as to what direction to take... so not rushing it. Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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