Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First post...

Welcome to my new blog Seashells and Lavender .
I chose to use my business name for this blog, because it represents things that I love.
Living by the water......
In a cottage, filled with shells collected from the sea.
Having the scent of dried lavender, from the cottage gardens, drifting through this shabby little home....warming the hearts of all who enter.

There will be changes here.
If you've come just from a decorator's interest, you will be disappointed.
I will be sharing more than furniture, and paint colors, and chandeliers.
I will also be sharing my heart.
The things that touch my soul.

I've learned a hard lesson with my last blog.
You can collect all the ironstone, china, linens, lace, and  pieces  manufactured by your favorite designer, and fill your house with every material thing that pleases the eye....and in the end, you will end up with nothing.
That hole that was inside, will still be empty.


I'd like to introduce you to my oldest daughter, Kelly.
She's a little thing.
What she lacks in size, she makes up for in grit.
Her Papa died of leukemia four months before Kelly's fourth birthday. 
She was my rock, at such a young age, and protector to her 22 month old sister, Erin.
Wise beyond her years, Kelly understood matters of the heart better than most adults.
Because of her size, she learned how to stand up for herself as she stubbornly made her way through school.
My little girl has a heart for the less fortunate.
She takes care of the kids at school with disabilities.
One day I asked her how she had the courage to make the attachments to these kids?
Her answer was...if it were my child that needed help....I would want someone like me, taking care of them.
Kelly doesn't speak out of arrogance.
She speaks from her heart.

This is my precious daughter, and her AWESOME husband, Dan.
I feel God has blessed Kelly with Dan.
A man that is patient, and kind...and himself, a teacher.

Ethan is the oldest son.
He started driving this year.
Ethan controls the buttons on his mom's remote.
When these two interact, it's like a comedy....except, Kelly usually isn't laughing.

This is Kayla Marie (her middle name has been a traditional name passed down on both sides).
Kayla is a clone of Kelly....in SO many ways!!
Kayla is our little gymnast.  Remember her name. She's going to the Olympics!!!
It warms my heart that Kelly has a daughter to share with as their lives progress........and that there is "Karma". lol

Anson (aka Bubba) is the youngest.
He can be as stubborn as a bull, and as loving as a kitten.
He's the hardest working little boy I've ever met.
When I say little, I really mean that! He's just like his mom.
I'm NOT worried about him, though.
As much as his older brother picks on him, I'm sure Anson will be able to hold his own in any given situation.
I hope you've enjoyed my first post on my new blog.
It's probably not what you expected.
Every post will be different.
I plan to write about people I've met through blogging, my family, friends, my cottage, and gardens. Things that make a difference in my life, and bring me joy.

I found this on Pinterest today......     If the whole world was blind,
                                                      how many people would you impress?



  1. Oh, my sweet friend, how wonderful this is. It is so nice to see the ones that touch your heart and I am so looking forward to learning more about you and what makes your soul sing. Love you and best wishes on this new adventure.

  2. Wow Debbie! Thank you for sharing. I love it. I love you I'm glad I've gotten to work with you for 8 or more years. You've taught me a lot about life. ~Lindsay

  3. In bocca al lupo per questo nuovo inizio!Sarà bello leggere le tue storie!Il tuo blog della tua casa a me piaceva tanto e quando ne avrò voglia andrò a rivedere.Un abbraccio,Rosetta

  4. Thanks for sharing your family. Only fitting that they be your first post in a line of the things that makes your soul sing! Beautiful children. Kelly looks exactly like you! Nice blog! Jil

  5. I couldn´t have expected anything better for the first post, than you introducing your beautiful family... Is there a greater blessing than to live surrounded by our beloved ones and share with them all the precious little moments of everyday life? As I told you before, I´m convinced that people around the world need much more of these authentic HUMAN stories and less of all that staged circus of fake beauty. After all, as the Little Prince says, "what is essential is invisible to the eye"...

  6. What a pleasure it is to "meet" some of your family!
    Looking forward to your next post!!

  7. What a beautiful family. I can't wait for more posts Debbie. I'm glad you're still here. xo

  8. Oh- I got here by copying and pasting the link from you old blog in my browser. Maybe you might want to make that an actual link-cuz when I click on the name it tells me that this is a private blog.

    OKAY- o HOW do we sign up to follow? Can you put an email button on- I know you don't want to count followers but I'd like to know when you do a new post.

    NOT what I expected here but SO MUCH MORE! God bless you, sister. You are the heart and soul that touches us in so many ways. I am glad to be here! xo Diana

  9. Congrats on your new blog, Debbie! Love the name, I too adore lavender and sea shells:) You have a beautiful family, you are so blessed. Looking forward to future posts and all that you have to share with us, Debbie! Oh, as Diana mentioned it would be great if you had a way to sign up to follow your new blog, so we don't miss any posts:)

  10. Delighted to be following your new blog, Debbie. You have been gifted with a wonderful family.

  11. Debbie, I have a head like a rock...I finally got through to your new blog...and oh my gosh, it pretty much was my own lack of knowing what to do...LOL. I like this new blog. I like to read of others and their families...it may help us get thru tough times ourselves...or light a way for us....show us how to deal with anything similar. Blessings to you sweet Debbie.. love you, Susie

  12. Hello Debbie
    I've been catching up reading the last few posts, obviously Bloglovin' doesn't always do the job and some blogs never show up on the list.
    Very warm hearted observation about your life and blog, and the decision to start afresh! My blog is named after my garden and writing business, and I call our home by the same.
    Seashells and Lavender is a beautiful combination and I hope you find happiness in the start of this new blog.

  13. Debbie, thank you. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I could come right over here and read this. I also read your last post on Lakehouse. I understand so well where you're coming from. Too bad we can't sit down together over coffee and talk. :) As a woman who desires to follow God, it's often hard to hear His voice above the cacophony in Blogland. Your decision with your blog has encouraged me to keep pursuing the Lord first and leave the future of my blogging in His hands alone. I subscribed to your blog by email so I won't miss your posts. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better. Hugs and love ~ Nancy

  14. Hi Debbie...well it's a perfect time of year for a new blog ...a great time for renewal.....looking forward to visiting you and hope it brings you much pleasure !
    Happy Easter ...Gail x

  15. not sure how to follow you ...? is it by email only?
    Gail x

  16. Hi Debbie, so happy to hear about your new and wonderful blog! Diana is such a sweetheart to let us know. I'm so pleased to be following you and it's a pleasure to meet your sweet family. Wishing you all the best with your new blog!
    Happy Easter~

  17. So great that you found the courage to strike out in a new direction. I'm looking forward to reading about your future direction, but hope it will include a little of your other life too.

  18. Nana Diana asked me to come over and say Hi, on your new blog. And of course I did. -grin-

    It is very understandable, to need to make blogging changes. Why not? We change. Everything changes. Why not, our blogging vision? I've done it myself.

    best of luck with your new blog!


  19. Hopping over from Diana's...congrats on your new blog!...Nice to meet your family!!
    Love the quote!

  20. Hello Debbie!
    I am also coming over from Diana's blog! Good luck with your new blog, it looks lovely! I love the name Kayla Marie...since my name is Kay, I am thinking I will strongly suggest that name as a name for my own future granddaughter!
    (Not on the horizon YET, but fingers crossed, one day!!)
    Happy Easter to you.

  21. I'm visiting from Nana Diana's too and I was surprised by the name of your blog. We could be SISTERS! I live in Florida and collect seashells and love lavender! I feel like we're best friends already! Enjoy your new blog! And have a fabulous weekend! Hugs, Diane...the Lavender Dreamer

  22. I found you from Nana Diana's blog. Your blog sounds like it will be a good one. I'm now going to follow you. It was so nice meeting you. I agree that "things" can not fill holes in our lives. Love how you said that.

  23. HI Debbie,
    I love this new blog and loved seeing and meeting all your beautiful family. I will look forward to many more beautiful posts. I have put you on my blog roll. Good luck my friend.

  24. I am visiting you from Diana's blog. This is a very nice first post. The family pictures are wonderful!

  25. I didn't see anywhere to become a follower. I will be waiting for that.

  26. Came over from Diana's. Enjoyed your post. Best wishes with the new blog.

  27. Diana sent me:)
    Change is good and I think this will be a blog lots of folks will love, including me.
    I mean seriously how many table top changes can we get all giddy about:) or any changes in decor for that matter.
    so I'll be around to read all the stories and memories you want to share.. thats always my favorite part of a blog anyway- the blogger themselves, their thoughts- feelings ..
    I see a email follow box so I guess I'll use that.
    see ya soon
    Sonny~155 Dream Lane

  28. Lovely post, what a blessing your family is. Hope you all have a happy Easter.

  29. hi, its so nice to meet you!!! I just popped over from Nana Diana`s, I will love to follow your new journey! You have a lovely family and you write from the heart, I am another new follower,

  30. Dear Debbie, I wanted to say hello! I am also a Christian and many years ago I learned a similar lesson on what is really important. I believe your new Blog will flourish and grow for this is a new season! I was born and raised in my younger years on Lake Michigan. I hope you will come visit me also and to see my heart!
    Blogging to me is about relationships with others and edification of Christ in how we live. cook and our families. Blessing to you!
    Warmly, Roxy

  31. Good Morning Debbie, I came over from our friend Diana's blog. Needless to say I enjoyed reading your first post. Brother picking on brother reminds me of my two boys. One day it will be reversed then it will be a different story. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  32. Hi there. I am sure I followed your other blog. Thanks to Diana, I have found you again. I would rather read a heartfelt personal blog that a decorators blog. I like the occasional decorating but not just ones that only post that. I like to see how normal everyday people live. Since I am one of those people, hah. Beautiful family. Happy Easter.

  33. I write from my heart now. I am true to myself now. I appreciate those who follow. I've lost some followers and I have fewer than before but the ones who now follow, know me and pray for me. I still fill my home with the things I love, but the things are true to my heart can not be neatly placed around my home. They are miles away, but very close to my heart. I'd love for you to be one of those friends as I follow you along. Your children are beautiful. Isn't that what's it's all about anyway?

  34. Hello, glad to meet you. I am Jackie aka Dazee from www.gr8tfull.blogspot.com stopping by to visit. I am looking forward to your posts!

  35. I'm visiting from Diana's blog. Nice to meet you! :) Looking forward to your future posts and wishing you the best with your new blog. :)

  36. Hi! I'm a friend of Diana. Just wanted to stop by and wish you "happy times" on your new Blog. I don't see any way to become a Follower????
    Have a blessed Easter!

  37. Debbie,
    I am a friend of Dianna's and i just went through a Blogging crisis and considered quitting. But I came back and have decided to blog about the Life i wasbusy living and not Live to blog!! I had gotten caught up in the Rat Race that blogging could become and now that i have returned , but on my own terms, I am so much HAPPIER!!

    What a lovely family you have!

    I will be following your new journey....

    Happy Easter!!


  38. Welcome back to blogging Debbie...love your new name and looking forward to following along!! Happy Easter!

  39. There is nothing like a daughter. Blessings to you and welcome back.

  40. This is my first visit, I enjoyed meeting your family.

  41. I came over to your post via Nana Diana and i am so glad she recommended your blog. It is so nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts. Have a wonderful Easter with you and your family.

  42. Congratulations on your new blog. I recently did the same thing. So nice to meet you.

  43. I came from Nana too and happy I did. Love your first post. Lynn

    1. Thank you for stopping by today, Lynn. I'm happy that you enjoyed the first post here at Seashells and Lavender. I hope you visit again. Happy Easter to you!

  44. What a beautiful family you have.
    I love the spirit and love with which this blog is written.
    I feel comfortable here...at peace.
    I came here from Nana Diana's blog. She is a sweet a caring blogging friend, and I am happy to be able to visit you here at your first post of your newest blog.
    May your Easter be filled with blessings and joy.
    Hugs from South Georgia,

  45. Debbie, I'm also coming over from Diana. I enjoyed very much your post and meeting your family.. I'm a little envious as I would love to post pictures and stories of my four adult children, an dozen grandchildren, but they are not "Blogger Friendly" so I respect them and post about MY life, my dearest, our cottage, and my love of cooking, and my love of Jesus Christ. I'll be back to see all you have to share with us.

  46. Nice to meet you. Outstanding family you have.
    I enjoyed reading your first post.

  47. Hi Debbie, So nice to meet you. I am visiting from Diana's post. Congrats on your new blog, name and direction. I too did this and I know how refreshing it can be to take a new direction. Enjoyed your post and meeting your beautiful family. Looking forward to visiting again.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.
    Hugs from Texas~
    Celestina Marie

  48. Sounds good to me! It was nice to meet your family!

  49. I am loving your new blog already, Debbie (and I knew I would). Thank goodness Diana passed the word on. It was wonderful to learn more about your family...Kelly. She sounds like an incredible girl and she has a lovely family (and you, lovely grandchildren!)

    I never thought for one minute that your previous blog was about decorating or anything material or shallow...you are much to "real" and alive for that sort of thing. I've always felt a kinship with you and you know I am the last person to be focused on one aspect of blogging. Heck, I'm all over the place!! I do wish you all the best in your new direction and I am your number 1 fan!!

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!


  50. All good wishes for your blogging journey as you start a new direction doing what makes you feel lovely. Your friend Diana sent me here and I'm glad that she made sure that I could find my way.

  51. Hi Debbie, I use to read your other blog and I have to say, as much as I liked it, I just love your new look and attitude. I will definitely be a regular. I love it when people speak from the heart.

  52. Debbie, can I follow in a Reader on your blog? I don't understand what google+ is?

  53. Coming over from the Nana Diana blog to say hello to you and your new blog :)

    I had to laugh at the last line about Pinterest! :) Mostly laughing because twice I set up boards, kept up with them for awhile, then stopped because it took up too much time! :) Now I just pin a recipe now and again so clearly, I don't ask anyone to 'follow me on pinterest" ! :)

  54. Debbie..what a wonderful post! Congratulations on your new blog! I came over from Nana Diana's blog!


  55. In answer to your question... in all honesty, today, because of all the yesterdays I have learned and final succeeded in wanting to impress only one, the ONE that will judge me in the end. And upon FINALLY learning this, I'm the happiest I've ever been! Except for one thing, I want my BEST friend back here close so I can hug her and breath in her most awesome personality that brings me soooo much joy. Debbie forever my BESTEST friend.

  56. Congratulations on your new blog Debbie! I am visiting from Nana Diana's blog.

  57. Love your new blog Debbie, your daughter is adorable and you must be so proud of her! I'll add myself as a follower and hope to see another post soon:) Hope you had a lovely and Blessed Easter:)

  58. Ugh, when I try to follow it gives me an error message...grrrr! I'll bookmark for now and try again later:)

  59. Hi Debbie, Wow! It's been busy over here! I think I may be following under the wrong google account but we'll see. I'm anxious to read more at your new blog and I had no trouble clicking the correct link!!! If they have trouble following they need to click on the 2 little joined blue squares to the right of the Follow, a round about way but it let me in.


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