Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Springtime changes.

I couldn't wait for the warm months of Spring to get here.
It seems Winter hung on for so long here in northern, lower Michigan.
Staying patient through the months of snow, and ice tested me by the time May arrived.
I kept myself busy with projects indoors.
Now that Spring has finally arrived, I have already witnessed Easter, Mother's Day, two functions at school with Charlotte, and Anson, and now realize that Charlotte has graduated from pre-school.

There have been dance recitals, state finals for gymnastics, soccer tournaments, track meets, and summer ball.
Time is already flying by, and it all just started!!!
If anyone knows of a way to slow things down, would you let me know?
I find it bittersweet to see my grandchildren growing up so quickly.
You try to hold each moment, and cherish it, and lock it in your heart as a memory as best you can....but if you are like me.....you find yourself wondering how things all happened so fast?!
I guess the important thing is to always tell everyone how much you love them, and how important they are to you.
The shutters, and doors were changed from tan, to blue this Spring.
I carried the blue from the inside, to the outside of the house.
The color is a different shade of blue for outside. It really makes the flowers pop this year.

For some reason, I went with more reds instead of my usual pinks????
I guess it was time for a change all the way around.

The outside of the sun room needs just a bit more touch up work done today. The tan color was painted white on that room....inside, and out.
After that's finished, it's time for the gardening projects. Quite a few pots need filling, and lots of weeds need pulling.
Have a joyful day!!



  1. What beautiful splashes of color. Love window boxes. Your grandchildren are adorable and how true to enjoy every moment because when they become teenagers and older like ours, they get so busy with their own lives, college, marriage..great grandchildlren....We are in that area now... One granddaughter getting married June 14...they just keep growing up!!!
    Hope you have a marvelous day.

  2. Your grandchildren are just precious! That little mini graduation outfit is too cute:) The outside of your sunroom looks gorgeous, love the flowers!!!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Your Charlotte is so adorable. What a sweet grandchild. Love the blue shutters. I am excited to get home from vacation and start my back garden. We have had a lot of rain here in Illinois these past few days so hoping for sunny days ahead to get out in the garden here too. Looking so pretty by you.

  4. Your flowers outside are so pretty! I love window boxes. Yes, time does seem to go by too fast. But at least you don't take it for granted.

  5. Gosh she is a cutie.

    Everything looks great - I really like the blue shutters. xo

  6. Charlotte is just ADORABLE, Debbie! So very cute! Your flower boxes look great. Great minds think alike. I purchased my first red geraniums in YEARS this year to mix in with my pinks. I still can't believe I did it----what is up with us? lol xo Diana

  7. Dear Debbie, I can think of no way to stop the time from flowing quickly through the hour glass. But I am learning to enjoy the NOW, to take my leisure and stop to smell the flowers!
    I have no nails left on my hands from digging in the dirt and gathering tumbleweeds around every tree and bush. I am official tired and need a nap daily, but that never happens. I have my three grandsons right next door so no dull moments around here.
    Your grand daughter is a cutie!
    Your pictures were soft and lovely and they look cozy! Coming to Mi. this June to see my sister! Blessings to you! Roxy

  8. Your grandkids make me smile...I'll be there someday...it amazes me just to see my children hit the thirty year old mark!!

    I love the blue shutters! I think red really pops with most things and it makes the blue stand out as well. I am so looking forward to getting home and doing some gardening. I think it's raining everywhere right now!


  9. Oh my goodness, life is so busy! Sometimes I want to scream...stop the train, I want to get off! But I have been enjoying this week with this wonderful weather. The plants are growing like gangbusters all of the sudden. Your porch is beautiful. Love the blue shutters! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Love your window box and the flowers in the chair too!! Oh yes...time goes by too fast and our grandkids grow up way too fast. My granddaughter will be a freshman in High School next year and it seems like she was just born yesterday.

  11. Hi Debbie, Charlotte is just adorable. They grow up so fast and time seems to march on whether we like it or not. This season seems like we waited for it forever and now it is moving too fast. Can't believe we are nearly into June.
    Your flowers are gorgeous and I love the pretty soft blue on your shutters. I mixed in some red geraniums with my usual pinks this year too.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  12. Your grandchildren are adorable. No, I have no idea how to slow time down. It is scary how fast time is flying by. Even days, I remember when I could get so much done in one day and now I barely get a few things marked off my to do list... I love the red flowers and the blue paint. Everything looks great!

  13. Those kids just won't wait on us, will they? They grow bigger every day and in no time, they are into more things and busy all the time. Keep them small enough to hug every time you are around them!
    Those blue shutters are pretty and with the red flowers, its awesome there. Weeds? Yep, got those, too. They just seem to come up over night, don't they? Need any maple trees? Got plenty of those this year. LOL- I think that is going to be my main thing to pull this year. But at least its warm! Have a fun day there.

  14. I love that shade of blue, Debbie. And with the red flowers the whole look is stunning. I'm glad you're enjoying your grandchildren. Such a blessing. XX ~ Nancy


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