Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sweet Surrender.

Sweet Surrender.
I am not ready to break out the Fall decorations yet.
Our boat is still in the water...waiting for just a few more days of that perfect combination of sun, and heat.
I have no choice but to admit to "September" with the earlier setting sun, and the cooler evenings.
Pulling on a sweatshirt before going out to sit by the campfire with a glass of wine, and good friends.

Our local market is filling up with mum plants, and gourds of all kinds.
It won't be long, and piles of pumpkins will fill the fields, and market bins.
A trip to my favorite winery,this weekend ,will fill my new wine cabinet.

Instead of serving my friends the usual summer Michigan salad on Tuesday, the menu will include a French salad, and potato soup, with some crusty French bread.
I am letting go of Summer a little at a time.
The seashells will give way to more candles as the darkness comes earlier in the evening hours.
As I slowly give in to Septembers' embrace, the sweet memories of Summer will be stored in my heart. The place where I hold the cherished times spent with loved ones.
It's time to look forward to a new season. Times filled with the excitement, and laughter of children. The anticipation of the coming holidays! More time spent with my children. 
One day at a time......


  1. I'm afraid I gave in to September back in August when the weather became cooler and trees started putting on their fall show. We got shortchanged for summer this year in Ontario but I plant to make the best of autumn, my favourite season.
    A lovely chalkboard etching and the menu for Tuesday sounds delicious.

  2. I'm sooo ready for cooler temps. The colors all always spectacular. I look foward to walks in the morning and evening to get off some of this excess weight and a cup of coffee afterwards.

  3. Debbie, I love the not too hot weather... I just want to cling to the sunny days and enjoy every last minute of summer. In two weeks it will officially be Fall. I have no decorations out yet...waiting till after i return from my grandson's wedding. I will have next week with all my daughters and that will be so fun. Then in two Fridays it will be our last grandparents day. We will have to make it special with Emma. It all goes too fast. Blessings to you dear friend , xoxo,Susie

  4. I'm not ready to let go of summer either!! Your menu sounds delish, and your wine cabinet and vignette look so pretty!

  5. You always make everything sound so sweet and romantic. Enjoy your wine. xo

  6. Yes, your do make things look so romantic, and cozy. Love your blackboard art. That is a nice touch. I do look forward to cooler weather. It's still very warm in So. CA. so last night hubby and I took a dip in the pool. Felt really good.
    When it gets a little cooler...yes, I love soups, salads and crusty bread.

  7. Debbie,
    Your menu sounds so yummy. I wish I lived closer!!!!! I am not quite ready to let go of summer either. I hope our fall will hold on when it does arrive and winter will take a while to set in. Not looking forward to winter. I love fall and the color changes. Love your wine cabinet.

  8. Aw, Debbie. I am right there with you- holding on to summer's last breath with my fingertips. HOW did it get to be September? I DO love Fall but I am already longing for those hot, bright summer days and dreading winter.

    I LOVE that blackboard. I am saving that image and just may copy it. (with credit to you, of course). Hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  9. I love fall. We started school 3 weeks ago and that always transitions me to fall. If only the weather would cooperate. It's raining here today. That always helps. I love chalkboards too! Yours is very pretty! It's a good place to start with decorating. Happy Monday Debbie!

  10. Your wine cabinet is so pretty! Very unique and just perfectly chippy!
    As I do yard clean up I have to admit that everything is fading fast. Every year I hang on to summer but it doesn't do any good to not embrace the moment for what it is...that lull before full on fall and the last breaths of summer. Thanks goodness we have the memories of a great summer, especially those you have with your grandchildren.

    Jane xx

  11. Hi Debbie, I so agree, life is one day at a time enjoying the seasons with dear loved ones. LOVE your chalk board and your wine cabinet is a fabulous piece.
    I always enjoy seeing your beautiful home in photos.
    Have a great week!!

  12. Since I live in the deep south, we are slower to feel the effects of Fall, but I'm excited that it is coming! Looking forward to cooler less humid days. We need to do some work outside, so once the weather allows us we will be out there! No Fall d├ęcor here either yet.

  13. It is difficult to let go of summer. Our September days are some of the hottest on the coast. But, in the evening, I need a jacket for the sunset.

    The French soup and crusty bread sounds wonderful.

  14. This post is so dreamy, Debbie. Your wine cabinet and the vignette you've created on top is charming and inviting. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and that the weather cooperates so that you can get out on that boat. Hugs, Nancy

  15. Hello Dear Friend!!
    I needed to read this on this very cool morning! We had to use our wood stove last night it was almost freezing in the temps. I must also allow myself to slowly move int this next cooler season. I have had just so many things happening. Yet I will surrender to His time and flow.
    I would love to sit with you and sip a glass of wine and tell of the memories God has given us this summer! I want to thank you for your friendship and kindness you have shown me!
    Blessings, Roxy


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