Saturday, October 8, 2016


Good Saturday afternoon.
It's been so long since I've posted here at Seashells and Lavender.
So many changes going on around us.

Some of us have experienced so much in our lives over this past issues, job situations, selling our homes, buying new ones, losing loved ones, welcoming new ones into our lives, weddings, graduations, etc.
Good news, and bad news.

More fierce weather threatens thousands of communities.
Situations bringing us to our knees.

The one "constant" in our lives is HOPE.
What are we hoping for?

Hope.....fervent expectation.
My "hope" is that I can accept what His plan is for my life.
My "plan" is to enjoy life to the fullest. Realize that each day is a gift....not to be wasted on "what if", and "if only".  When you hear...."I never promised you a rose garden"....plant some of your own!!!  Don't wait for life to come to you.....reach out and grab it for yourself!!!!  
The song at church says...."You are the Potter, I am the clay" He creates us to live, love and be loved.....but He's not going to do all the work for us!  
Yes....there are bumps in the road....some are BIG bumps....but keep going! It might take some time to get over those mounds, but with grace and can be done.
I am NOT trying to make light of what is going on with the storms from the hurricane....or any other storm in life. I am trying to encourage you. There is "hope".
Hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Love to you.


  1. Debbie, I think back to when I was 8 years old...I came home from church with a burning desire to be with Jesus. To know him and be happy that he loved me. Ruth Russell came into my life when I was 10...she was my guardian angel. I started going to church with her and her husband then...gave my heart to God when I was baptized into the Christian church. I always keep hope in my heart. Thanks for posting this today. I am hoping and praying you are doing well and enjoying life. Love you dear friend, blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. What a beautiful post Debbie and, even moreso, with the backdrop of your gorgeous home! Yes, hope is essential and something we must always hold onto. I was raised by atheist parents so I struggle with faith a lot but one thing I do know, when I've gone through hard times I've definitely felt His presence. HUGS to you! P.S. You do not have too much stuff, your home looks amaaaazing! I emailed you back:)

  3. Good Morning Debbie
    Such a beautiful post, I love the word HOPE. Your home is so so pretty*** Thanks for such sweet words to start my Sunday
    love deezie

  4. I like your plan and endeavor to do the same here. I live in hope too. Storms come and go but the good Lord remains faithful. Every day I wake up is a blessing and I don't want to waste a moment of it.

  5. Hi Debbie, Beautiful said my friend and so true. In many cases all we have is hope. Gathered with our Faith, we can move mountains. I like your plan. You are an inspiration and encourager. Thank you for sharing your heart and beautiful photos. Hugs and Blessings for a Happy October!! xo

  6. There IS Hope, Debbie! Some days, I forget that, but it IS always there! Thank you for the reminder! LOVE, love those clocks!! Blessings, Cindy xo

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  8. What a lovely and encouraging post for this widow to read this lovely morning in March in s.e. FL.

    I'm visiting from Junk Chic Cottage.

    Have a wonderful day ~ FlowerLady


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