Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Getting our relationships in order.

This is the time of the year when we gather together with the people in our lives that have shared the joys and sorrows, highs and lows, wins and losses, blessings and answered prayer.
The people that have been with you through all of those situations that you have gone through....good and bad.
The people that you have built relationships with.

Having a relationship with someone takes effort...from both sides.
We might not always agree on all things that happen....but we LOVE each other, no matter what.
In order for our relationships to prosper...we must have our priorities in order.
If we have no relationship with God....no other relationship will take root.
That includes with members of your own family.

God first!!!
Our relationship with Him HAS to take priority over any other in our life!
Anything not born of the Holy Spirit, isn't going to fly.

Once we establish Who is the Lord and Master over our life, then we can put everything else in it's proper order.
Sadly, pride keeps us from admitting that we are "out of order", and "not walking in God's Will".
We see ourselves as good people....self-righteous.
We ALL sin and fall short of the Glory!!! ALL of us!!!
Jesus came to serve. He left the "Throne Room", and traded His crown for an apron.
He was set in a lowly position....a place of humbleness.....yet did not sin!!

All of creation knows the rightful place of Jesus....yet we, who are created in His likeness and image, seem to think we have the right to hold unforgiveness in our hearts toward others.
We have animosity, hold grudges, and judge one another.
We go for years without associating with each other, because we think it's our right to punish others for their choices in life. When we ourselves have made those exact choices in our own lives!!!!  What a sad people we've become....much like the Israelites in the Old Testament.
Always justifying wrong for right.
There will be a day when we all will stand in front of God, and we will ALL be accountable for the things that were not done for the Kingdom of God.
It is my hope, that this Christmas season brings about a change in people's hearts. A change in their desires.  That a humbleness washes over all of us. That we swallow our pride, and confess our sin(1 John 1:9) Hopefully, our priority will be Jesus. THEN, we can concentrate on relationships...and only then.....after our focus is on God, Abba, Our Father!!!
Grace and Mercy is available to us all.


  1. Wonderful post! Thank you for this reminder.

    1. Hello Mary...so happy to see your comment. Have a lovely day.

  2. What true words and I agree when we have our priorities straight, everything else seems to fall in place.

  3. Dear Debbie, your decors are magical as your sweet words


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