Sunday, December 15, 2019

Home Sweet Home

When we moved from our home years ago, we not only moved from family and friends....we moved from our "church family", as well.
After we moved, we searched for another church family, for years.
There were plenty of good people that we met along the way; but we just didn't find the place that "felt like home".
Time passed, and I was losing hope of finding another church family like the one back home.

When I started teaching Bible study at the mission....I thought that was going to be "church" for me!
God had other plans, however, and the mission was just for a "season".
Through the mission....Pathway was introduced to us. 
Jim walked through the doors, and dove in head-first!
I took my time, gathering treasures as they were revealed.

I savored each moment as it came along....enjoying the beauty of each experience, basking in each blessing.

I am blessed with each friendship that is birthed by the Holy Spirit, and every activity that we participate in that brings Glory to God.
Being involved with the women's prayer group has been a faith-builder, and is helping to band together a circle of prayer warriors, bonding us as Sisters In Christ.

Our church family might be small, but we are a part of God's big spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
We will work together inside the church, and outside the church to do that very thing.
It is God's hope that none should perish!!

Our searching is over.....God led us to this place that we call "home"....I cannot say that we walked through the desert, because there were ministries God put us in over the years that both humbled and caused growth.
We had to learn to surrender to His Will through every situation, and circumstance.
It wasn't always pleasant.
He has pulled us out from under all the ashes, and revealed His Glory over and over again!
There has been beauty after the storms.  We must trust His timing for everything!!  We waited for 20 years for a church to call "home" was worth the wait. Praise God!!!!


  1. Such a beautiful happy ever after story!

  2. So happy for you that you found a place to call home. I've been a member of my church for over 50 years and cannot imagine ever having to leave it. It's been home for a long time now.

    1. It's a difficult thing to leave family behind, including your church family. Physical blood doesn't always mean "family". It's the "blood of Jesus" that connects us closer than anything else ever could. What a blessing for you to have been able to stay connected with your church for all these years. Love to you, my friend. xo

  3. We've been at our church home since 1973; I've worked in the church office for 44 years. It's been challenging at times and gratifying as well. Love working for my church home and the many members who are family to us. No doubt God brought us there after praying for us to find a church that would feel like home and meet other folks like us, down home people who love the Lord and work for Him in and out of the church. We're blessed and thankful to God for His leading us there!
    Thank you for your beautiful post.

  4. Hello Mary,
    What a wonderful testimony to God's faithfulness in answering your prayers for a church family for you! And for your obedience in serving the Lord. Isn't it glorious to know how special we are to the Father...that He considers what we desire, and blesses us beyond what we could imagine?
    Thank you for your lovely comment, Mary.


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