Tuesday, December 1, 2020

I Choose Joy.

Now that I have my computer back, getting back to blogging has been a pleasure.
Now, if I could only get the print working again. This is not the font I chose, but it works!
I struggled to get into the Christmas decorating mode this year.
It's difficult to feel all cheery when the whole world seems to be a mess.
I cannot let myself get all caught up in the situation.
My focus needs to be on Jesus.

I have to consciously put everything into perspective.
When I look at life, I see it as a blip....when I think of eternity, it goes on with no end!
I cherish my family, friends, and church family.
Surrounding myself with loved ones brings me happiness.
Being in the presence of God brings joy to my soul!

I've made up my mind to trust God in this "mess", and realize that He is in control of all things!
His plan supersedes anything that might seem to be hopeless.
My hope is not in this world...it is in Christ!
I choose joy.
In doing that, I am able to "enjoy" this season.

 Jesus said He will never leave, or forsake me....all fear is gone.

I will go about the days ahead with joy in my heart, and hope in my spirit.  xo

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  1. It's a good thing to turn things over to the One that can handle them when there is nothing much we can do. Choosing JOY is the best thing ever. Focusing on what is really important gets everything in clearer perspective for sure. My faith, my family and friends are what matter in my life. When I focus on those things, everything else seems to go better. May the JOY of Christmas stay with you the whole year through!


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