Friday, December 11, 2020

No Tree????

It's hard to believe  we are so close to Christmas.
We've been ordering gifts online.
No holiday crowds to deal with this year! 

I ordered a new Christmas tree this
The tracking number says it should have been delivered on December 5th.....hmmmmm.

It really doesn't matter, I guess....not having a tree won't stop Christmas.
I might not be able to count on man to get the tree here....but I can always count on "the reason for the season".
My holiday does not depend on a decorated tree.
It's what I believe in...and that is the birth of Jesus Christ.
When I sit down, and think about  Jesus leaving the throne room, to live on this place called is overwhelming!

Everyday of His life, the shadow of the cross moved closer. The sounds of pounding nails must have echoed in His ears. Knowing what His purpose was, He stayed true to the Father.

Having to live day to day, with no roof over His head, no bed to sleep on, no readily available food source, with just the clothes on His through the rain, and cold, and wind....from the throne, to the earth.

How could He keep going?
Because He had the hope set before Him.
The fervent expectation of seeing us face to face, free from sin and death.
Dying as the scapegoat for  MY sins!
Nothing I could ever do would earn what Jesus did for me.
Grace and mercy.
By His grace, and mercy I am healed, and delivered from sin and death.
Praise God!!!

 I don't need a tree....I need Jesus!  It's not a matter of how many lights are lit, or how many decorations I's a matter of the heart, and what I believe to be the truth.  I might not have a Christmas tree this year....but I will always have Jesus!!

Enjoy every moment.



  1. I do hope you finally get your tree, but you are right we don't need a tree to celebrate Christmas. The reason for the season is Jesus, born to be our savior. We needs to think about what is important in life. I love all your little trees you have scattered in your decorations. They are the symbol of ever lasting love.

  2. How beautiful and simple with what you have out without the tree! It all looks fantastic. I understand that with all the ordering and shopping online things got really behind. I mailed out Christmas cards on the 10th of Dec. Some folks did not get them till the 28th. Crazy....but you will have it next year.


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