Sunday, June 15, 2014

Missing my Dad on Father's Day.

The pictures are old, and faded, but the face is the same familiar one I remember.
The black and white photo is him as a child.
The larger photo is him holding his great granddaughter, Maddie.
She was born on his birthday.
Although a smile didn't escape his lips, tears of joy were streaming down his cheeks.

Every Father's Day, since his passing, the memories are different.
This year, they were of my wedding day....August 5th, 1972.
People remarked how much I looked like my Dad that day.
He was 1/2 Chippewa Indian, and 1/2 Irish.

We were both nervous as we stood in the back of St. Andrew's Cathedral waiting for the wedding march to start.
I told him how handsome he looked, and he said I looked pretty.
I stare hard at the photo's to see the resemblance, and all I can see are high cheekbones, and rosy cheeks.
I hope I have some of the other traits my Dad carried.
Whenever I was sick...he was there for me.
From the time I was a child, through my adult life.
I was in the hospital many times in my life.
My Dad was there, every day....EVERY day.

He was the king of hugs.
He hugged, and kissed you hello, goodbye, and goodnight.
You never, ever went away without knowing that he loved you.

My Dad tried to be a tough guy at times....but the day I got married, when we reached the alter, I looked up at him, and said, "I love you Daddy".
All he could do was walk away with tears in his eyes.
Thinking about my Dad today was a little more difficult than usual.  
These photos are from so long ago...but the memories are so fresh in my mind, and my heart.
"I miss you Dad".


  1. Well, I have tears in my eyes reading this, Debbie. I love how much you loved your Dad. He sounds like a wonderful man. I love how much HE loved YOU, too. We were blessed, Debbie, to have good Dads that valued us and took care of us at all costs. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Good Evening Debbie. How sweet this post is about your dad. What a great guy and wonderful dad he was for you. So happy you have those memories. I hope knowing how much he loved you and cared for you will help you get through this day. Hope the memories will will help to make this day a little brighter for you.

  3. I know this day can be a sad one for so many. Not always joyous if your Dad is no longer living. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you were a lucky girl to have such a close relationship with your Dad!

  4. Yes, I can see you both in my minds eye; It is precious to have these memories on the day we celebrate the now and for most of us it is in our memories! I needed this for some reason tonight! Thanks for sharing that special day!! I loved the part of your Dad being King of Hugs...
    It is good to read something that chokes you up and pulls at our heart strings!
    Love, Roxy

  5. What a beautiful and touching post about your dad on this Father's Day.

  6. Yes, those memories sometimes come in like a flood at the most unexpected times. I was a daddy's girl for sure.

  7. Beautiful post, Debbie. You are blessed to have had a father like yours. I'm glad you have good memories to comfort you. Hugs, Nancy

  8. Hi Debbie, what a beautiful post for Father's Day and the special memories you hold dear. Loved the old photos and the wedding pics are gorgeous. Your dad was a special man and loved you very much. It is a true blessing. My Dad was also Irish.
    Wishing you a perfect week.

  9. This made me teary eyed Debbie! What wonderful photo's those are and wonderful memories also. My parents divorced when I was 11 then my mom re-married and we moved to the U.S. so I didn't see much of my dad after that. It's so nice that you had that closeness with your dad! Although he's gone from this earth, I'm sure he's looking down on you from Heaven and still just as proud of you as always:)

  10. OMG - you brought me to tears. What a beautiful tribute and memory.


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