Friday, June 13, 2014

The love of roses....

What is it about roses that captivates us so?
I remember watching my Gramma tend to her prized roses early in the mornings when I would stay at her house in the summer.

I was only five years old, but can still see her stooped over...wearing an old dress, and an apron.
She would be weeding, and pruning.
I would be sitting in the sun room, watching her.
When she finished her work, she would bring in a few blooms for the dining room table.
My Mother's mother was a woman with a very tough exterior.
When I saw her with the roses, it seemed to soften her some how.

My Mother was the same kind of woman.
She also had a small rose garden for awhile.
They were a prized possession of hers.
I've always loved to garden.
I didn't have roses, however.
I worked with them as a florist, for years!
My attraction to them just started through blogging.
Seeing Bella's Rose Gardens, and June's gorgeous gardens at Laughing with Angels inspired me, and opened my eyes to the beauty of the rose.

I've collected linens for a long, long time.
Now I look for pieces with roses on them.

Rose dishes fill my farm cupboard!
I recently found this darling sugar bowl at a local shop.
There was no lid, but the design is so beautiful, I didn't care.

I went to visit with Ilonka, my friend that owns my favorite Cottage shop here at the lake, and she had a set of these pretty rose glasses.
I was so happy to find a whole set!
Plus the little ones for my grand kids.

The outside of our cottage is brimming with roses, as well as the inside.
The lavender ones have the most wonderful scent!
It seems, every time I go to our market, I not only bring home fresh fruits, and vegetables, I usually have a rose of some species.
I don't know if the attraction to roses was birthed out there on my Gramma's sun porch, or not. I DO know that some of the gardens here in blogland have helped to inspire me, and help "grow" my love of them.
I don't feel that I'm obsessed with roses. I feel a great appreciation of something that has been crafted by THE Master Gardner. I am thankful for the gift of sight, and smell. Something I take for granted too often...until I see a rose.

I'm joining Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday. 


  1. I have memories of being a little girl in England and there being SO many roses everywhere! My friend and I used to walk up and down our street pulling the petals off from neighbor's front gardens so we could make rose water...or at least our version of rose water:)

    Love your rose pitcher and those glasses are gorgeous! Have a lovely, rose filled weekend Debbie:)

  2. No women in my family really gardened with flowers. They grew veggie gardens, but the true gardeners in my family were the men. My grandpa grew his own roses and grafted them to make new colors and gave me one deep red, almost black one when I was 5. He could grow anything and had raised beds in the early 70s. Dad showed me how the dirt had to smell and feel...and to put my hands in the dirt. ;) My cousins see my photos online and tell me grandpa would be proud...makes me feel good to know I got something from him.

  3. Such beauties! Not to mention how pretty they are in the white pitcher, my favorite love! You have done a fabulous job of photographing your favorites. Just love them. Yes, my grandmother always wore and an apron and so did my mom. That was a beautiful time. My mama always had flowers, only one rose bush, but beutiful flowers.

  4. Oh Debbie, what a beautiful and sensitive post! Your words reminded me of my mother and her heavenly roses... I have too fallen in love with them through Blogland, but now I´m thinking if there may be something from my childhood on it, just like you do... Anyway, roses will always be a treasure in our homes and hearts!
    Warmest hugs,

  5. Love that photo of the roses and lavender. And what a lovely memory of your grandmother. xo

  6. Hi Debbie,
    It is true roses bring out so many senses and wonderful memories. So sweet you have such a great memory of watching your grandmother with her rose garden. Really wonderful post. Love the pictures.

  7. Your roses are just gorgeous, Debbie! I can almost smell them from here! I love them too, but I am afraid to try growing them! Your vintage sugar bowl is so pretty, I love it. I can just picture it filled with several of your pretty blooms! And of course I adore your linens. I have a drawer full, I should bring more out to enjoy them. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I don't remember my Grandma or my mom having roses growing up, but somehow I also came to love roses many years ago. I just planted a pink climber and my son bought me a red knock-out for my birthday that I still need to plant. I'm trying to decide on the perfect spot for it. Your roses are always so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    Hugs, Deborah

  9. Hello. I love roses and I think seeing your grandmother and mother and having memories of them is so special. I never met a rose I did not like. I like the idea of looking for linens with the roses on them. Now I have a new quest! This was a special post and I enjoyed it fully!!
    I wish I could have a good long visit with you one day!
    The cottage seems so cozy and comfy and filled with treasures. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

  10. I love roses, and anything that has roses on it. Your sugar bowl is stunning. Lovely photos, Debbie.


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