Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainy day musings.

What do you do on a rainy day?
I sit around, and wonder what needs to be changed in the house.
I notice all of the stuff all over the place, and can't believe I thought just one more piece added to a vignette would improve the look!

No, that glass isn't a part of the display!
I was drinking OJ while scanning the room.
So, when does a vignette start looking more like a flea market display, than a vignette?

I don't know when enough is enough!!
I think it's because I owned a shop.
I became a master at piling a lot of items on to a very small space.
Something else I noticed this morning was the table in front of the sofa.
It's so small!!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!!!!  When I backed up, and looked at it, I started to laugh!

What a silly looking display!  hahaha
So, now I will be looking for a table that's of larger size, taller, and chippy in just the right places.
Oh my.
Rainy days really are good for me. They not only give my gardens a nourishing drink. They give me time to sit down, and re-evaluate the look of the house. Prompting me to make changes needed here, and there. Some little changes, and some big ones....like the size of the table sitting in the middle of the room!!!  Good grief.
I hope you have a productive day today. Rain, or shine.


  1. Just love the white mirrors. I have one like that in my pink room. It is my favorite mirror. I love all the white. You do a beautiful job of pulling it all together. Love it!

  2. Oh darlin, tweaking is and always will be a part of life!! God does it to us daily! (I said tweaking, not twerking so turn the music down :D ) You have always kept all of your homes in such display that "Homes Beautiful" could fill multiple issues with pictures of each room. But not just looking pretty, but feeling homey. Your home gives me the sense of a warm summer's breeze with a touch of coolness like a refreshing glass of sweet tea. You could make a shack look like a palace!! And that's how your friendship with me has always and will always be, refreshing, relaxing, sweet and most of all fun. Love you my forever one

  3. Good Morning Debbie,
    I am like you on a rainy day I like to rearrange and change things up too. Love your mirrors over the mantel. They are pretty awesome. Everything looks great.

  4. I can't believe how much alike we are Debbie! It rained here yesterday and so all I could do was look around and say...I want to change that, and that, and that. My husband must hate rainy days by now :))) After a long winter I can hardly wait to get into the garden that the house rarely gets a look, but when it rains, I want to change everything around me. I am so glad to read that someone else does this. Sometimes, don't you wish we had one more room to put all the stuff that we really don't want to edit from our other rooms? Not a storage, just a pretty room to decorate with the overflow.
    Good luck with the hunt for the new coffee table dear!
    sending hugs...

  5. Debbie, You have a lot of pretty things. If you love them , keep them. My sister and I were just saying, do our children care about "our" things. LOL. Probably not as much as we do. My girls want me to sort and throw away. But I tell them, that will be their job when I am gone. :):) I love to enjoy being inside and maybe read when it's raining. Blessings to you sweet Debbie. xoxo,Susie

  6. I am so like you, Debbie. I go through periods of excess and then pare back. I love my things-especially my dishes but I know that I have way too many. I just went through this past week and moved some things out. I don't want clutter and there is a fine line (for me) between decorated and cluttered and it is easy for me to step over that line. I even know that I should actually (horror of horrors) GET RID of some of these THINGS! lol

    It is hot and steamy here today-but the sun came out a bit ago after a rainy morning. xo Diana

  7. Debbie,
    Thank you for visiting me in Philadelphia today, your words were heartfelt and very appreciated. I want to compliment you on your header, I feel the sea in signage of the past when signs were hand painted and able to convey an emotion. Lovely, I hope you never change it because it is unique.
    Rainy days have an ability to loll us into relaxation, I love rainy days. Oh, as long as I don't have many errands to run between the raindrops. Your home reflects caring, compassion and relaxation. It all comes down to what is your essence of what feels like home. Debbie you've mastered it and always "fluffing your nest" (designer term, lol) means that you make the effort to always welcome and comfort those you care about and adore.
    So enjoyed my visit and hey we have the same glasses! I tried to engage the Google follow button but is not cooperating so I'll try later.
    Enjoy your rainy day, last week John was on vacation and we had 6 days in a roll of rain!!!

  8. Hi Debbie, I do the exact same thing on a rainy day. Redecorating and I also love to be in the studio painting. Since I had several shops too, I also have to draw a line between a home vignette and a selling display. Lately I am enjoying less is more. Your room is gorgeous. I love all the special touches you have here. It looks cozy and inviting and ready to comfort on a rainy day. Hope you find your larger coffee table but I love the one you have too. Beautiful mantel display!!

    Blessings XO

  9. You crack me up, Debbie! Just think, a larger table will hold more stuff:) I love all of your treasures, you always inspire me. We could use some of your rain down here. It has gotten so darn hot and muggy. Have a great night!

  10. I like rainy days for staying in bed and reading a book. Your house always looks gorgeous. Enjoy your day!

  11. A great rainy day musing! I do the same. :)

  12. I can see where you get your penchant for collecting and making vignettes from your previous shops, but I think we all suffer from not wanting to part with what we love. I like what you have! I sometimes get tired of a look, but mostly I just move things around slightly. My kids think things are cluttered in my house. The only "surfaces" I have to decorate in my living room are the mantel and coffee table. The side tables are very small and can only hold a lamp and maybe one or two small objects. So the room is sort of clean looking in some areas and then overflows with stuff in others!!

    It's raining terribly here and I turned off the window air conditioners so we wouldn't blow a fuse. I'm wilting!! Hope you have better weather!


  13. Oh gosh, I so know that cluttered feeling and the need to pile one more thing in an area. It is from doing booths and getting the most in them that you can.
    Haha on that little table. I think a trunk would look good there...

  14. I know exactly what you are talking about...I had a shop for 4 years and have done shows for 29 years and I seem to always put out a lot of things when I decorating. I keep saying that I want a less is more feel in my d├ęcor, but I find myself adding little things here and there.

  15. I love it when you show us your home, Debbie. Your rooms, are filled with so much grace and beauty. I didn't notice the table in front of the sofa as being too small. I was far too busy studying the gorgeous vignettes. On a rainy day I like to browse through blogs like yours. They lift me up and inspire me. Thanks for sharing. xxx ~ Nancy

  16. Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful room! I personally LOVE the piling and gathering of things. Maybe I need a shop :) Needing a larger table is a great reason to go thrifting. I bet you can find one. I love rainy days too..... and Mondays..... I hope you have a great week!


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