Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How could you say no to this Man?

Pull up a chair.
I'd like to share something with you.

Do you realize what you are worth?
You were bought with the blood of Christ Jesus!

At the moment Adams' lips touched the apple, the shadow of the cross showed on the horizon.
Jesus knew all through history: with Moses, Abraham, David, Daniel, and Ruth.
He saw the shadow getting bigger, and bigger.
God's plan of redemption could have been halted at anytime throughout history. during all the times His people rejected Him.
Instead of aborting the plan, the angel was sent to Mary with the news of Jesus.
As Jesus grew, the shadow of the cross grew toward Him.
The sounds of the spikes being pounded into His flesh echoed in His ears.
But the screams of the imprisoned over-shadowed even the cross.
Jesus suffered and was tortured for YOU! His heart hurt more than the thorns and the nails.
It wasn't the spear that burst His heart, it was YOU!

I have written your name on my hand. Isaiah 49:16
Quite a thought, isn't it? Your name on God's hand. Your name on God's lips. Maybe you've seen your name in some special places. On an award or diploma...But to think that your name is on God's hand and on God's lips...my, could it be?
  Or perhaps you have never seen your name honored. And you can't remember when you heard it spoken with kindness. If so, it may be more difficult for you to believe that God knows your name.
  But He does.  Written on His hand. Spoken by His mouth. Whispered by His lips. Your name. Max Lucado.
 Sometimes we forget our worth. We feel like no one notices. No one really cares. We feel alone.
There is someone that thinks you were worth having a rough, filthy beam pushed into His open flesh, and carrying that beam to a place where he would accept spikes pounded through flesh, and tendons so He could hang on a cross for sins He never committed so you could experience eternity. If you were the only person standing at the foot of that cross, He would have STILL hung there for YOU!! Thorns on His head, spear in His side, yet it was a heart-ache that made Him cry. He gave His life, so you would understand. Is there anyway you could say no to this man?


  1. The world is on a downward spiral. My girlfriend just said it needs more Jesus...yes, it does. thanks for posting.

  2. Good Morning Debbie,
    Your post is amazingly beautiful* Your words will touch alot of people today when they read it. I myself could never say No to Jesus. He is my heart*
    enjoy this fabulous day Debbie

  3. Beautiful words for sure ! We often forget what great Love our Lord and Savior has for us and just how much we are worth. We do have a very loving Father in heaven. I feel so blessed ! Thank you for this lovely post today.

  4. Beautiful post Debbie. I think I've mentioned to you before that I was raised by atheists so I don't have much background in religion but my in-laws are devout Christian's and two of the most amazing, wonderful people in my life:) Some people, like them and yourself, don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk also:) Hugs!

  5. Deep within my spirit I know this is truth! But this week has been a rough one and I haven't been able to grasp this truth. I've contemplated ending my life this week, just because I feel so alone, so purposeless, so empty! My soul needed to read this tonight! Blessings

  6. Dear Debbie, such a touching and moving post that reconfirms within my heart what I know is the truth in all it's glory!! Each and everyday brings us closer to his coming and when we can say in person, Thank you for all you've done for me. Thank you for the sacrifice that I might, by grace have a heavenly home one day. Thank you for loving me and saving my soul. You are the way, the truth and the life!! I am so grateful for my walk with God!!

    Thank you Debbie for sharing your wonderful words and wisdom in this post and sharing the truth. You bless us with your heart!!
    Hugs and have a wonderful evening. cm

  7. It's good to be reminded every day what Jesus did for us on the cross...how he secured our salvation for those who trust in Him. Wonderful truth that our names are written on his hands!
    Mary Alice

  8. Absolutely beautiful, calming, truths from the grace God has shown to all mankind through the most unselfish life ever lived by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! And all we have to do is believe it and accept the perfect gift of LOVE God extends to all humankind. To let go of all of our doubts and fears and just to believe in simple faith. 'Faith is the substance of things hoped for' To know where you are going to spend eternity is the most peaceful thought a person can have when all is chaos in the world today. The Time is short. 'There is none other name, given among men, whereby we can be saved'. And to believe on Jesus is LIfe, and Hope, and Blessedness. Pray for all of your friends who are seeking! Satan and his minions know the time is short. God is leading his saved children to seek and to save those who are searching. Do not give up on them! God bless you for this post!
    Miss Teresa

  9. Hi, Debbie
    I have attempted to 'follow' your blog but the link keeps saying 'sorry, try again later'. I did this late night and just right now with no success. I will keep trying!
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog.


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