Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time Slips By.

There is an urn hanging on a wall in one of the gardens.
A Robin has had a few clutches in a nest she's built inside the urn.
Not all of the eggs have hatched, and not all of the chicks have survived; yet the Robin keeps raising clutches of chicks in the same nest throughout the summer months.

Creation fills the earth with beauty season after season.
We can't wait for the warmth to get here after a long winter.
Our conversation is all about the cold, and how it lasts too long.
Then once the heat of summer is upon us, we whine and complain and cannot wait until we can wear sweaters again, and enjoy the cooler temperatures of fall.

The rush comes up quickly for the holidays, and everyone wants to decorate their homes and get ready for parties and special dinners.

After the holiday season we get back into the slump of the winter blues, and start longing for the warmth of spring, and summer again.
It seems we are always rushing from one season to the next. Never satisfied with what we have while we have it....except for a few short weeks when each season first starts.

Life is fleeting.
I remember being in high school. It seemed that was my whole life back then. Nothing else mattered.  Those few years seemed like the most important years of my life!!
Until I graduated, and I realized that high school was just a stepping stone to the next chapter of things to come.

So many life experiences......things I had never imagined.
God had a plan for my life.
He saw the big picture.
I had no idea.

When you are young, you think you have your whole life ahead of you.
You believe you will live forever.
You dream about getting married, having children, and growing old with your love.
Never in your wildest dreams would you believe that you would lose your husband at age 25, when your babies are only 22 months old, and just shy of 4 years old.
God....I thought we would live forever!!! NOT for just a moment.

The problem with this world is that it doesn't fit. Oh, it will do for now, but it isn't tailor made. We were made to live with God, but on earth we live by faith.  MAX  LUCADO
I had to learn to live moment by moment.
Losing a husband showed me that we DON'T live forever!
We have to slow down, and live each day like it's our last!
Stop rushing for the weekend.
Don't live for that holiday, or vacation might not reach that goal.
Enjoy the days in the meantime.
We don't get "do-overs".
This is IT.
I understand situations aren't always the best. I've had health issues that have plagued me for years.
I get that!!
Look around, I am sure you can find something to be thankful for. There has to be something that will bring you joy in your day.
If not, open a window and listen for a bird that's singing! or a child that's laughing! smile at a neighbor! bake cookies for a friend! call your parents! kiss your spouse! hug your kids! or ride your bike!

After Michelangelo died, someone found in his studio a piece of paper on which he had written a note to his apprentice. In the handwriting of his old age the great artist wrote: "Draw, Antonio, draw, and do not waste time."
Well-founded urgency, Michelangelo. Time slips. Days pass. years fade. And life ends. And what we came to do must be done while there is time. MAX LUCADO
Live life!


  1. What an awesome post, Debbie! I am so sorry you had to go thru the loss of your first husband when you were so young. I can only begin to imagine how difficult that must have been. So true about rushing thru life, seasons, etc. It can be so hard to just "be" in the moment, and really appreciate what is in front of us. Especially during those trying seasons of our lives. Bless you, my sweet friend!!

  2. You've touch a heart string here. We are so prone to want what we don't have and then when we get it...not be content. You have what everyone needs..thank you for sharing it so beautifully. Blessings.

  3. Good Morning Debbie
    Your post made me cry!!! You are so right. Everyone does exactly like you said. I have been there. I do however try to live in each moment now, that I see how fast it goes. I love all your beautiful pictures* I am so sorry you experienced such loss at such a young age. Because of that you seem to look at life so much differently which is beautiful. YOU are enjoying each second now, I love that. Have a great day Debbie!!!!

  4. I can't imagine having to go through the loss of a spouse at such a young age, or at any age for that matter! My mom always told me "Don't wish your life away"...I make a conscious attempt not to, or at least try not to.

    As for the weather, I think people will always complain about the weather, no matter what! Beautiful post Debbie and I hope you have a wonderful weekend:) Hugs!

  5. I too lost my husband but I wasn't as young as you were. Life is fleeting and I've learned to be very thankful for each day. The pictures and the words today fit together so nicely. Beautiful thoughts for sure and so true. I love the words of Max Lucado - we must do what we came to do while there is time.

  6. Debbie, This post is so true. Life is fleeting....each day to be relished. You are right there is always something to enjoy to be thankful to God for it. I love seeing your gardens, the clematis, the hollyhocks, so pretty. Bless you my friend, Love always, Susie

  7. I so agree with you. I' m so sorry for the loss of your first husband when you were so young. We must appreciate every single moment of our life.

  8. Hi Dear Debbie, yes, life is fragile and short. Such a beautiful post. After burying most of my family, I learned early on we must cherish each day. The days slip by so quick and there is never a "do over" like you said. There is always a blessing in each day if we stop long enough to realize, listen and be thankful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and your words of wisdom. You are always a blessing.
    Have a nice weekend my friend. Hugs, cm

  9. Hello Dear, I timely word... When we tell others of a lesson learned we are sharing a bit of our own lessons that God used to teach us hard things! When we are young we all think we will live forever; But forever here on this earth is not His plan. You my friend have had a hard season and I am sure much grief. But in it all you have a deep peace that abides and you know where to go in every situation that has come your way. I do not think that sorry and shock ever really goes away. But it does teach us to number our days. And I always get frustrated with myself when I wish even a moment away.
    I loved reading this!
    Love, because He first loved me... Roxy xo

  10. You spoke my mind here ,dear friend, but you always do. Although I sometimes get aggravated at those who complain about every season and every occasion, never happy with the 'now', I'm guilty of some of that---at least in focusing on living in the moment. It's that elusive little butterfly for me. I spend a lot of my time alone...with my dogs most of the time. Later I remember just the simple vague memory upon memory of those times. Will they sustain me when these pets of mine are gone? Am I truly appreciating each moment of these sweet afternoons outdoors and the cuddly mornings on the bed? I simply struggle to "BE" in the moment because I DO know it can vanish in a second.

    Debbie-you know I love you and we go way back. I get the feeling you are still shell shocked from the losses you suffered so young. I hope your faith gives you comfort, your children give you love and your friends support. With your husband---I pray for a lifetime friend.

    Jane xxxx


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