Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What Christmas means to me.

What Christmas means to me....
When I was a little girl, I remember walking to church on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass on a frigid night.  It was so cold, the snow crunched under my feet.
I looked forward to hearing the choir singing the hymns that night.
The service would be long, and end up with everyone receiving Communion.
There was something comforting in all of that ritual and tradition that I was so used to year after year, growing up.
And then I learned what Jesus was all about.
He was no longer this statue of a baby laying in a manger.
He was The Son of God, who left the Throne Room of Heaven, laying down His crown to put on human flesh.
Jesus came and lived among men, as a servant.
He had no home to call His own. Just the clothes on His back, and the sandals on His feet.  Jesus was fully aware of His mission.
Knowing every choice, and every decision I would make in my life....yet, He still chose the cross.  He was scourged for every single sin, every dirty thing I have done.
Every thorn, every punch, every hair and piece of beard pulled out....endured for me.
Every drop of blood.
The sound of  steal on steal, as the hammers pounded on the spikes ripping through His flesh.....for me.
Then the slice of the spear in His side. was a heartache that made Him cry.
He gave His life, so I would there any way, I could say no to this Man?

Jesus....being the human sacrifice, once and for all!!!!  The sacrificial lamb.  Not just covering my sin.....but washing away my sin with His blood!! *1 John 1:9  My Savior, my Master, my Lord.
This is what Christmas means to me.


  1. Good Morning Debbie
    Wow that was just amazing and so so true. I love it
    Made me cry*
    I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas with your family. Enjoy every single second
    love deezie

    1. Hello my friend!! So great to see your comment here this morning! Praise God that the Holy Spirit touched your heart with the words in this post. I pray the Lord use this blog to minister to those that need encouragement. It is my hope to be the vessel for HIM to move.
      Merry Christmas, dear Deezie.
      Love to you.

  2. Hi, Debbie,
    this post made me cry because it reminds me again of what Jesus endured on the cross for us because he loves us! "Greater love hath no man than this..."
    I love Him and thank Him daily for His great sacrifice for mankind.

    1. Hello, dear Mary.
      Praise God for the "gift" of His Son.
      For His Grace and Mercy, and unconditional Love.
      He Who had no sin....became sin...for you and me.
      How could we say no to this Man?
      I am blessed to have another Sister In Christ to share with through this blog.

  3. I would echo your every word when it comes to Christmas. Our greatest gift ever given is Jesus who died for you and me.

    1. Hello my sweet friend. I am always blessed to open this blog and read your heartfelt words. Love to you. Debbie xo

  4. I’ve read this post twice, it’s just so beautifully written, thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring post ,, this message is needed so much at this time,

    1. Hello Laurie...Thank you, so much, for visiting today. I am happy that you found this post inspiring. It is my fervent expectation that God will use this blog to speak to hearts, and encourage those who need to be lifted up. In His Love. Debbie xo


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