Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Summer.....

Summer officially begins here at our cottage today.
Maddie will be staying the week with us.
I will be picking her up this afternoon.

There was a neighborhood party, yesterday, to welcome the newcomers that moved here in the past few months.
Plus, it was a great way to kick off the summer season.
Lots of people, and lots of fun!
The evening ended with a bonfire, which was soooo enjoyable!

As I was taking this picture, a Chickadee was just landing on the birdbath in the background.
He made sure to let me know I was invading his space!

The roses are starting to bloom...but the rabbits are feasting on them in the cottage garden.
I am NOT happy about that at all!
They strip the canes of all the leaves first. Then they start chewing down the stems.

I've been seeing everyone using their canning jars for vases again.
It must be the summer that brings them out.
I agree that the color of the jars compliment fresh flowers of any kind, and color.

This is the time of year I start making lavender sachets.
My stash dwindles, and I need to stock up for little gifts for special friends that need a little pick me up, or a just because......
It's a good thing that it's flea market season.
My stock of vintage lace is getting quite low.
The white, pearl buttons are getting more difficult to they are on my list also.
Summer goes by so fast. With so many things to do, and people to share time with, I wish the season lasted longer.  I might not appreciate it as much as I do, though.  So I make each moment count!
So.....ready or not, here it comes....Enjoy!


  1. Your sachets are just gorgeous, Debbie! I love the crocheted lace and buttons, so pretty, I can almost smell them from here! Hard to believe summer is finally here. Love your pretty roses, but those darn bunnies! Maybe you could try what I use on my hostas, that keep the deer from munching them down. There are several brands, and all natural so they won't hurt critters. Just makes the plants smell & taste bad. One is called "Liquid Fence", or something like that. Worth a try! Or try saving a bit of hair from when you brush your pups, and putting that at the base of the roses. I tried that years ago when rabbits were getting into my herbs, and it worked like a charm!

  2. Debbie, Wishing you a wonderful summer. It will be flying by , but I am going to hang on to every moment. Hope you get to enjoy your granddaughter too. We are lucky aren't we?? I am not so sure I will have any roses...they are stunted. xoxo,Susie

  3. Your sachets are beautiful and I bet they smell heavenly. I am just sick because about 2 weeks ago I was at a garage sale and the woman was practically giving away a box of vintage lace and I didn't take it because I have no talent to make anything beautiful like you do. If I knew you needed some I would have snapped it up for you. :-( I'll keep my eyes open in case I ever see any again.

  4. Happy Summer Debbie. Oh how I love your sachets. They are gorgeous and I bet smell so good. I hope you can find more vintage buttons and lace. They are so pretty. Hope you had a great week end. Have a wonderful start to the new week ahead.

  5. Hi Debbie, your garden and flowers are gorgeous. I love your pretty sachets. What special treasures. Yes, canning jars are the perfect summer accent filled with flowers.
    Happy Summer and a great week ahead.

  6. Love your flowers and your pretty lavender sachets!!

  7. Your lavender sachets are so pretty. I have so many lavender plants I should make some sachets also. I just had the gardener cut them back as lavender flowers were drying up.
    Have a wonderful Summer.

  8. I love your sachets, and I'm sure they smell as beautiful as they look:) Those naughty rabbits! We get them around here once in a while, not sure what they nibble on though. Enjoy your week with Maddie!

  9. Happy Summer! Your photos are so pretty. Love the sachets too!

  10. It looks as if your summer is absolutely perfect. I have bunnies in my garden most years, but for some reason they haven't discovered it yet, so I am getting to enjoy plants I put in years ago that are not nibbled down to the ground! I protect my most favorite plants with wire cages - not so pretty to look at, but at least the flowers survive.

    Enjoy your summertime!!!

  11. I think it's so great that you have a get-together for the newcomers! The people we bought the house from hosted a cocktail party for us to meet the "crowd". We formed long lasting friendships that way that still exist today.

    Your pink roses are stunning! I didn't know bunnies liked them! And those sachets smell heavenly, I'm sure!

    Have fun with Maddie!


  12. Love your beautiful yard, Debbie. Living on the water must be heaven. The pink roses in the blue canning jar look so perfect. The lavender sachets are charming. I'm just amazed at how gorgeous your photos are. What kind of camera do you use?

  13. Debbie, I just love summer, too! Your yard looks so pretty and I LOVE those sachets!!

  14. I love all the beauty in the garden! Hope you and the hubs begin to feel better soon and that the recent health news is treatable :) Blessings,

  15. Sounds like a fun time with the block party. Nice way to get to know each other.
    Love all of your photos, so pretty on the water. I had no idea rabbits would eat roses! Mine eat clover. Good thing I don't spray the yard...if there were no clover...I shudder to think!


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